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Cusco Cathedral Last Supper

Cusco Cathedral Last Supper

Cusco Cathedral Last Supper painting.

While in Cusco, you will want to make time to visit the Cusco Cathedral and learn about its history. When you are there, it will only take a little while, but it will leave a permanent impression on you for a lifetime. The Inca and the Spanish Conquest had historical battles that can only be told through stories of generations and by the walls and design within the cathedral. It is famous for the Cusco Cathedral Last Supper painting. The Cathedral was built by Spanish Conquistadors to mark the end of Inca civilization. It took over a 100 years to build the Cathedral. The place where the Cathedral stands today was once a site of the Royal Inca Palace. Upon taking over the rule in Cusco, the Spanish rulers demolished the Inca palace and built the cathedral on its remains. 


Let’s start with the history of the cathedral. It was designed and built between the years of 1560 and 1664. It was built at Quisharqancha, the location of the ancient palace of the Inca’s. The Cusco Cathedral was built by large stone blocks that were transported from Sacsayhuaman. This is one of the largest moments every to be standing today. The construction of this is historical and the features are renaissance, Baroque, as well as Gothic.

It all started one day when the Spanish arrived in Cusco. While they were there, they requested the Cusco Bishopric be placed in charge of Friar Vicente de Valverde. The church buildings inside the city began construction. When they began working on the cathedral, they would take over one-hundred years to complete. That was due in part to the site that they chose to build it. It was first built where the Church of Triumph is located. It was then transported to Cusipata because it was so large in size. Finally, it rested at Quishuargancha since 1553 and it still stands there today.

The Cathedral

Imagine the look of the church. It feature a Latin Cross which has always been visible. It also features inside colonial style gold. Valuable paintings were also added to the overall view in order to give it the feeling they wanted to capture at that time. The style of the cathedral is Gothic-Renaissance and the Baroque was added for additional style. It has a giant alter and large towers.

The Design

The complete design of the Cathedral of Cusco is unique. It is rectangle in shape and features three sides: the gospel side, the central side, and the Epistle side. There are fifteen pillars that are in the shape of the cross. The alter is high and is made completely of silver.

Cusco Cathedral Last Supper

While you are at the cathedral, you will want to take in The Last Supper. This painting is located in the Cusco Cathedral in Peru and is displays an odd twist to a common picture. The classic last supper features wine and bread as the classic meal. This painting hanging in the cathedral pictures some type of rodent being eaten as a delicacy. In 1753, Marcos Zapata painted The Last Supper and is a permanent fixture on the walls of the cathedral.

When you are in Peru, you must make the Cathedral part of your list of things to do while in Peru. If not, you will most likely regret that you missed out on that wonderful opportunity to view an important piece of history.

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