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Ausangate Trek Guide

Ausangate Trek

Ausangate Trek Guide

If you want to find a good Ausangate Trek guide, you will need to prepare for a 43-mile trip that takes you through some of the most beautiful scenery you could imagine within the Andes. You will start the climb at around 12,000 feet and go up to heights that reach around 17,000 feet. There are some particularly high elevations on this trek, so you want to prepare for this change. During your journey, you will pass by some important markers that include small villages, snowcapped mountain peaks, glacial lakes, as well as alpacas grazing.

Best time to do Ausangate Trek

Because the elevations are so high, the weather conditions can play an important role in the success of this trek. You will want to plan your trip between July and August as this is the peak time for the dry season. You may run into some rain during this time, but they are mostly passing showers that may actually provide a little relief if you are feeling exhausted or hot. The wet season includes November to March, and this is when the area is the warmest. If you want to go during the sunny and dry season, you can plan your trip between April and October. This will give you some cool days and cold nights so prepare accordingly.

Choosing a Guide or Going on your Own

If you want to have a knowledgeable source to guide you, this will cost you a little, but you won’t be alone wondering around hoping that you are on the right trek. You will also have someone that can talk you through the trip, so you know where all the important landmarks are as well. You can also learn a lot about the history of everything. Taking a guide has its benefits which includes meals and snacks from the region, most gear is normally provided as well as transportation from one camp to another, you get to support the local economy, and of course transportation provided from Cusco. The downfall to choosing a guided trek is that you have to follow their itinerary and can’t explore on your own and the trips can cost a bit.

Important Facts to Know

  • The total distance of this trek is 42.8 miles
  • The elevation is between 12,498 feet and 16,828 feet
  • It can normally take five days
  • You don’t need any permits to climb
  • The trail starts out as a wide road then narrows to a single path as well as different alpaca trails along the way.
  • There is no cell phone reception

Preparing for Ausangate Trek

Before you go to the Ausangate Trek, you will need to know that this is a remote location and you will only see small villages along the way. There is no hospitals around. With that being said, you will want to prepare for your hike, remember the altitude changes, pack the right foods, and be in the best physical shape you can be.

Culminate your Ausangate Trek at Rainbow Mountain or Lake Sibinacocha

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